Electrinstal Inc. offer many different services : lighting, panel upgrade, wiring new houses, electrical heating, installation for swimming pool, Spa, Hot Tub.


We offer many different types of lighting , products and services :recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting and security lighting. We offer combination interconnected smoke-carbon monoxide package which can be customized for your home.


Whole house wiring or rewiring , addition of new circuits , knob and tube replacement.Inspection and assessment of current wiring condition.

Panel upgrade

New main panel installation , circuit breakers,  outdoor pool panel installation , main grounding systems , label household circuits or existing panels. Reduce the risk of electrical fire.

Electrical heating

Electrical baseboard heaters various sizes from 500-2500 watts. Installation of electrical underfloor heating-are the ultimate in home comfort. Installation of convector heaters - more efficient than base board heaters.Installation of electronic thermostats - the most efficient type of thermostat , they offer more precision regulation over conventional bi-metal thermostats.

Swimming pool , Spa and HotTub

Installation of swimming pool panel , pool grounding , Spa circuits and connections , GFI protections for swimming pool , Spa & HotTub safety , outdoor GFI plugs , inspections.

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